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AMZScout Review


AMZScout is a company that offers product research tools for Amazon sellers on the nine marketplaces. If you’re a start-up seller and are looking for an affordable yet helpful tool, AMZScout is one of the best choices. It has relevant features to help you move on your Amazon journey from finding the product to sell to product sourcing and listing optimization. If you’re already an established seller and just need help to spy on competitors’ performance, their high-ranking keywords to improve your product listing, or find new product opportunities, feel free to try this tool. If you finish this article, you can look at what you can see and expect with AMZScout tools in helping your business.

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  3. How does it work? 
  4. AMZScout Web Application
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  7. Keyword Search
  8. Reverse ASIN Lookup
  9. AMZScout PRO Extension
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Cover everything for a beginner and advanced Amazon seller

A user-friendly and straightforward tool with a large number of tutorials and Videos for Beginners

Affordable price and has a FREE trial option to test and play with the tool.

Search results can export to excel for data mining.

More accessible to product sourcing on


AMZScout does unlock all its features in the Limited Free trial. But the number of product searches is limited.

How does it work? 

Amazon sellers typically use AMZScout for the following reasons;

  1. To conduct product research and discover new product opportunities.

  2. To perform Amazon market analysis and competition research.

  3. To get impressive product data for data mining that help sellers decide. AMZScout has many valuable features; the AMZScout Chrome Extension and the AMZScout Web Application are their most vital features.

AMZScout Web Application

The AMZScout web app dashboard is simple and not overwhelming. It is where you do most of the product research process from start to finish. The dashboard menu has three sections: product research tools, keyword tools, and educational resources for Amazon sellers.

Product Database

The product database requires you to set your product criteria, like choosing the business marketplace and categories you are interested in, up to setting more detailed filters to get a list of results based on the specified requirements.

During the trial period, AMZScout gives 10 FREE searches on the product database. That’s pretty awesome.

Free trial users should also be patient in trying to get results. I tried it a few times and set a different value for filters and categories before getting results.

Finally, I got a bunch of product ideas from different categories. In total, I got 51 product results with their product information such as product name, pictures, estimated sales, revenue, rank, reviews, rating, and fees, etc.

One thing I noticed with the results is that products are showing different categories. It’s good that the AMZScout database can provide you with a different niche, but it will be more interesting if the products are under one category. 

On the other hand, since the database dashboard is simple, you can quickly see products that meet your criteria. You can also export the product information to excel for data mining. Below are the terms and simple explanations of what you can see on the database.

Collecting that information will help you proceed to the in-depth study and analysis. There’s an extra feature of the database that you may also want to use. 

The first button is if you want to add the product to the tracker, the second one is a button to refresh the page; the next button is to direct you to the Alibaba platform and search that product, while the last one is to remove the product from the list.

Product Tracker

The product tracker tool works to track a particular product’s daily information from stock level to sales volume. Free trial users can get a one-time limit to follow their chosen product.

You can see something similar to this screenshot when you access the product tracker. It shows the product’s essential details on the header, especially if you want to know if it is competitive. You can also take advantage of this tool to keep an eye on your competitors. 

On the left side of the product information, you can see three icons. If you click the first one, it will show you the product’s sales graph over time.

Keyword Search

The keyword search helps you optimize your listings and find keywords to help you appear in search results. You can hover the cursor to the question mark icon to see what to enter in each field. Free trial users have 10 FREE searches in total, similar to my screenshot below.

The screenshot shows what I got after I fill in each field with the keywords people are searching.

I like that you can see each keyword’s search volume history so you can decide whether to use it on your listings or not. 

Reverse ASIN Lookup

The Reverse ASIN Lookup functions the same as a keyword search. The only difference is that it snaps up competitors' keywords to improve your product listings.

Here, you can find out what high-ranking keywords your competitors are using. Analyze each keyword’s search volume, then use them for your product listing. As easy as that!

AMZScout PRO Extension

AMZScout PRO Extension is their flagship tool and comprises heavy means and processes data from the Amazon product database.

When you open the Amazon website, search for a particular product name or keywords and click the AMZScout extension to get valuable product information similar to my screenshot below.

If you are a start-up seller, don’t be overwhelmed. It looks like information overload, but that helps validate the product’s demand, competition, profit, or overall potential. You can also notice options for personalizing views, google trends, niche keywords, and suppliers on I have highlighted sections that you are most likely to pay attention to; the Avg. Monthly sales, Monthly revenue, Avg. Sales Rank, and Avg. Reviews.
Are incorporated into one metric called Product Score that shows you how hot is the product/niche. The Product score breakdown is following:

Of course, don’t miss checking the niche score; it shows how easy or hard it is to succeed in your chosen niche. An overall score of eight and above is the good one.

A niche historical graph gives you insight into how competitive the niche is, based on the sales, price, and rank history. It’s showing data for two years.

With the extension you can also see how many other users have found this niche, this metric is called Visibility Score.

By using the PRO Niche keywords feature you can export all keywords into a csv as seen below.

AMZScout has an extra feature called Quick view. Upon browsing the Amazon page, in just one glance, you can see the primary information of a particular product; category, ASIN, rank, type of seller, and calculate fees through a profitability calculator.

Alibaba Integration

AMZScout is an official partner of Alibaba. A feature is built into the PRO with the search for local and international suppliers on Alibaba in one click as you can see in the screenshots below.

Membership Pricing & Features

AMZScout offers a monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription plan which shows the below chart in detail.

Note: Price may change over time as they update and improve the tool's features.

On monthly and annual tariffs, users will receive a monthly selection of trend reports for the month, which will allow them to stay up to date on the latest news and trends on Amazon, and in the eCommerce industry in general.

On the full annual tariff, users will receive Selected Top 1% of Products, selected from millions of items on Amazon - delivered weekly to their inbox. This will allow them to avoid wasting time searching for a product and quickly focus on launching it. 

Analysis of reviews available on the Internet

AMZScout garnered 76% of positive reviews being "excellent," 12% bad, 10% great, and a percentage of average and poor with a star rating of 4.2 based on the reviewer's feedback on Trustpilot

Below are some reviews from the people who have used AMZScout's tools as of this moment;

One more cool thing about Amzscout is that the amount of FBA materials they have floating around their website and app. Webinars are held almost every week, replays of which are constantly replenishing the collection of masterclasses which will be accessible both on the website and in the WEB application.

Common compliments 

Common complaints


After an in-depth review, AMZScout is undoubtedly worth its price. It's super helpful for start-up sellers, from getting good product ideas to product sourcing to product launching. It's one of the most recommended tools for beginners since it's cheap and user-friendly. There are over 500,000 customers all over the globe who’s using it. Training and courses are helpful and very informative, although those are a bit focused on beginners. 

AMZScout is kind enough to incorporate a few extra tools in the package, even for free users, to improve performance, sales, and selling strategy. The Chrome Pro Extension and the web app have a free trial option, which other tools or apps don't provide. Anyone can test this tool's features and worth before purchasing and using it, although some parts are limited.

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