Shopkeeper serves sellers and agencies that each process 100,000s of orders per month per seller. We can handle all of your data needs -- yes, in real time.


Shopkeeper provides big data solutions including:




Google Sheets


Custom API implementations

We're here to help Amazon Sellers obtain, store, analyze and report on massive amounts of data in real-time with extreme precsion.

Is Shopkeeper right for your firm?

ShopKeeper works with ecommerce sellers of all sizes, in all marketplaces, with extreme customizability.

Many providers claim to deliver big data, but they fail on execution. We've been at this since 2017. Our approach is unique, its built to scale, and we don't mess around.

We can handle any implementation you ask for, whether through our web app or via a custom implementation. We've got the data and we've got the technical chops. 1,000s of ecommerce sellers since 2017 agree.

How do we help?

Define the data that you need and your preferred channel of data flow. Send that to us.

We will schedule a brief call to confirm our understanding.

Within 48 hours, you will have a proposal from us. 

What does it cost ?

Pricing is customized, but it's reasonable. We know what kind of pricing is being thrown around, and we're confident you will find our pricing transparent, simple and extremely fair. Also, we typically avoid set-up fees, per user fees, etc. Keep It Simple, Sellers!

And for sellers with big data needs who want to avoid custom implementations, we offer custom reports available via our web application.