Recoup every penny Amazon owes you in refunds & reimbursements.

No subscription needed.


Hassle-free refunds.

Pay only when we recover your money.

Lowest commission starting at 12%!

Complete transparency.

Get real-time alerts, too!

Stop losing money on unclaimed reimbursements.

Success fee only. No upfront costs. Simple set-up. Shopkeeper handles everything for you.

Commissions from 12%

Success-based commissions are 12% to 20% depending on your size. Ask about how to reduce further!

Stop paying 25% to GETIDA or Seller Investigators!

Shopkeeper has focused on Amazon financial data and analytics since 2016. Real-time accuracy is in our DNA!


How is Shopkeeper better?

  • More automation for faster reimbursements

  • More data for more reimbursements

  • More experience more transparency

  • Dedicated account support

  • Most important: Lower price!

All reimbursement types.

Shopkeeper’s veteran team works on your account for all reimbursement types including:

  • Missing inbound shipments

  • Lost or damaged inventory

  • Refunds

  • Overcharged fees

  • Incorrect product dimensions

  • Unused shipping labels/canceled shipments

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Account security.

Shopkeeper prioritizes account security:

  • Dedicated specialist assigned to you.

  • Unique email address dedicated to your account.

  • Meticulous attention to Amazon’s terms of use.

Shopkeeper is a trusted Amazon software partner, supporting 1000s of sellers every day. You're in good hands!

Top-tier service.

Detailed dashboard tracks every case & reimbursement.

Team of case managers knows all the ins & outs.

Receive a dedicated reimbursement specialist and single point of contact.


Missing Documents.

Achieve the highest success rates with Shopkeeper.

Say goodbye to rejected claims due to missing documents.

We help you create and provide the necessary paperwork for your inbound claims, leading to more successful claims and more money in your pocket!

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