Optimize your inventory.


A complete real-time overview.

Accurate real-time inventory. Filter by SKU, marketplace and sales channel.

Avoid stockouts, set alerts, and track inventory value.

Input your costs using bulk upload, manual entry, or have us do it for you!

Never run out of stock again thanks to customized alerts.

Don’t wait for slow downloads. Don’t bang your head on spreadsheets. Shopkeeper does it all for you – and your accountant.

Advanced tools & alerts.

Shopkeeper provides tools and alerts to help you plan re-orders, manage your stock including and improve your IPI score.

We answer your questions: When should I re-order? How much should I re-order? What are the scenarios I should plan for? What can I do to improve my IPI score?



Personalized alerts. Per SKU.

Stay ahead of your inventory. Receive notifications tailored to your preferences such as minimum stock levels you want to track or aging inventory.

Shopkeeper will notify you when your inventory drops below the level you specify. Customize this by SKU. Now you won’t be surprised: You’ll know in advance if you are about to hit my capacity limits?

Make pricing decisions based on real sales data.

Our Inventory ROI (Return on Investment) page crunches the numbers for you. Give us a target ROI and we’ll tell you what price to set. Or give us the price and we’ll calculate the ROI. We factor in all Amazon fees. No more spreadsheets. No more manual errors. No more limitations.



Historical Inventory Value.

With your costs configured in Shopkeeper, now you can monitor the value of your goods over time. Drill down by SKU, channel, marketplace or time period. Obtain a total value of inventory at any point in your account history. You’ve just saved you and your accountant tens of hours!

Manage inventory across marketplaces.

Check your inventory across different marketplaces with Shopkeeper. Use our tools and alerts to plan reorders and know the perfect time to send stock to Amazon. This will help you boost your IPI score and save on storage fees.

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Sales Velocity and Stock Out.

Use this page to check how quickly your products are selling and when you might run out of stock for each of your SKUs. The Inventory page has all the details you need in these helpful columns. Keep your business running smoothly with Shopkeeper!

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