Every penny made and spent, now tracked and reconciled.


Complete analysis of all Amazon fees.

Did you know there are over 150 different fees, many of which you won’t find easily? You need Shopkeeper’s comprehensive API to show you exactly how much you've paid. A detailed P&L gives you each fee on its own line. You’ve never seen things so transparent, and easy to track!

Now you can finally reconcile everything to the penny.

Shopkeeper not only captures 100% of fees but matches them to your payments.

Full visibility into your Amazon business finances.

Shopkeeper offers Amazon sellers comprehensive revenue and expense breakdowns, including hidden fees, impacting final profit, for any chosen period.


Instant historical P&L report with export options.

Instantly generate a full historical Profit & Loss (P&L) report by setting a specific time frame filter. Export the report as a CSV file for download or share directly to Google Sheets.

Real-time profit tracking with COGS bulk upload.

We offer multiple ways to enter your product costs – including doing it for you. Just ask! Here is a simple one line configuration option. But there are upload options, advanced configuration, FBA vs. FBM features, and our customer support team will take care of it for you, too.



Synchronize to accounting tools.

Sync your Shopkeeper data to accounting programs such as Xero, Quickbooks, or Zoho Books. Select how often you want to sync, push new entries, and receive automatic updates whenever a new Amazon transaction occurs.

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