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Filter. Compare. Summarize.

Shopkeeper's dashboard has 10+ widgets that are clean and simple. Consolidate data across marketplaces. Filter and customize. Know your sales and profits in real time!

Every new sale. Every last fee. All profits possible!

Quickly check across multiple products and marketplaces by the minute. No one is faster than Shopkeeper. Guaranteed!

Customizable widgets.

Shopkeeper Dashboard offers customizable widgets to view essential Amazon business metrics like sales, profit, inventory, PPC spending, and more. You will filter, customize and compare on the fly while the data flashes before you lightning fast.


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Top 10 products widget.

Since 2017 our sellers have requested all sorts of widgets to help them check key performance metrics in real time on a customizable dashboard. Here is just one example of our real time top 10 widget. View your top 10 products ranked by profit, revenue or ROI. All the power is in the gear on the top right, which allows you to customize, filter and save your preferences.

COGS Inventory Value.

Of course you can get all the details on our inventory page. But what if you just want a quick view of value or quantity? Use the filters to quickly check specific SKUs, marketplaces and channels with this widget.


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