Deep reporting at your fingertips. And if you don’t see what you want, ask for it!


Detailed and fast.

No more waiting for downloads. Even the largest Amazon sellers get comprehensive, detailed data at the push of one button: Sales, orders, reimbursements, adjustments, net profitability, inventory, disbursements, accounting, VAT...and anything else you ask for.

Now you can finally see all your numbers in real time.

Quickly check profits across multiple products and marketplaces by the minute.

Adjust filters to focus on specific reports.

Utilize customized reports to meet your needs as you monitor performance, identify trends, and streamline operations.


Accounting reports.

Shopkeeper translates financial reporting data from Amazon into journal entry data to sync with your accounting service easier. Select daily, weekly, or monthly entries, and add new data with ease.

Export data from every Shopkeeper page.

Directly export all of your Shopkeeper data into CSV or Google Sheets.

Customize your reporting experience by setting email/s where you want it to be sent to.


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