Full support for FBM sellers.


FBM cost monitoring and order management.

Shopkeeper provides accurate tracking, seamless integration with shipping services, and efficient monitoring and identification of FBM orders.

Now you can finally see all your numbers in real time.

Quickly check profits across multiple products and marketplaces by the minute.

FBM shipping costs per order.

Simplify your FBM cost monitoring by manually setting individual FBM shipping costs for each order, ensuring precise tracking tailored to your business needs.



Veeqo, ShipStation and ShippingEasy integration.

Link Veeqo, ShippingEasy and ShipStation to your Shopkeeper account. Shopkeeper automatically syncs fees with your FBM orders for your convenience.

Simplified FBM order management.

Sales page allows you to easily monitor FBM orders and evaluate profitability. Just look for the FBM icon to quickly identify FBM orders.


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