Shopkeeper provides expert support services for your business growth.


Get un-stuck from Seller Central.

Shopkeeper built a team of former Amazon employees with the knowledge and expertise to help you break through impasses such as:

  • Account suspensions

  • ASIN Appeals

  • Reimbursements

  • IP violations

  • Incorrect fees

Rely on us to provide tailored solutions and dedicated support. You finally have someone to speak to and rely on!

Let Shopkeeper handle your Amazon headaches.

We will handle your cases so you can focus on selling!

Account Suspension Appeal

Get your Amazon account reinstated quickly with Shopkeeper's ex-Amazon experts.

We pinpoint the problem, craft a compelling appeal, and quickly get you back in business. Contact us to learn about our experience or just to get informal advice!


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ASIN Suspension Appeal

Keep your ASINs active with Shopkeeper.

We know what it takes to get past a suspension.

You need specific, detailed expertise and patience. We’ve got it. We’ll share it with you.

Intellectual Property Claims

IP claims can be frustrating, especially with Amazon FBA inventory.

We know it all too well: You have no idea why you are facing removals or account suspensions.

Shopkeeper can help your appeal succeed with the right documentation!

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General Consultation

At Shopkeeper, we offer personalized consulting to solve any Amazon challenges for both third-party sellers and vendors.

Get practical solutions and expert guidance through one-on-one consultations and proven methods. Shopkeeper also offers:

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Account Support

  • VIP Seller Account Protection

Seller Account Protection

Keep your seller account safe with Shopkeeper using:

  • Daily monitoring

  • Well prepared appeals

  • Coaching

Remain in good standing and maintain a green Account Health Rating (AHR) with our help.


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