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The automated profit calculator that computes sales, costs and all 150+ hidden Amazon fees to show true profits in real time.

Calculating Amazon Profits Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult.

See your bottom line in real time with just 1 click.

Shopkeeper supports over 5,000 Amazon sellers in all marketplaces.

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We’ve made Seller Central easy.

Stop wasting time on spreadsheets, hunting down Amazon fees and manually combining Amazon reports with your other business reports.

  • Profit & Loss
  • PPC Management
  • Inventory
  • Charts & Reports
  • Sales Growth
  • Sales By Date
  • Profit
  • Margin
  • Top Sellers
  • Listing
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With Shopkeeper, one easy, automated and unified dashboard does it all in real time.

No more guessing.

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Calculate accurate numbers down to the penny in real time.

Shopkeeper drills down deep to give you real time precision data on profits, inventory and accounting so you can make the most profitable up-to-the-minute decisions.

Now you can finally see all your numbers in real time.

Quickly check profits across multiple products and marketplaces by the minute.

Minimize hidden fees.

Getting hit with complicated Amazon fees makes profits go poof. Shopkeeper reveals all Amazon fees so that they can be managed, minimized and always add up.

Dashboard Screenshot
Dashboard Screenshot

Automatically consolidate 150+ Amazon Seller fees into one profit statement in seconds.

No need to pull up multiple reports. One click does it all.

Get lightning fast alerts.

Get immediate notification of sales, profits, fees, listing status and inventory levels by email, Slack or our mobile app.

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Dashboard Screenshot

Master the inventory balancing act.

Never worry about running out of inventory again. Shopkeeper helps you forecast and plan by providing visibility into how much inventory to order and when.

You Control Your Data.

Using the most advanced methods of data security, Shopkeeper keeps your data protected. We’ll never share it and you have the control to delete your data at any time.

There’s a lot to love about Shopkeeper.

Rated “Excellent” based on 80+ reviews 4.3
I've tried a couple of other software options and I have to say, yours ticks all the boxes for me - I'm a non-techy and I find what you've built really easy to make sense of.
- Dave

Julien is from France, he has his own Youtube channel for french-speaking Amazon Sellers, and also writes an awesome blog.

Huge fan of my Shopkeeper dashboard.
Beautiful! At a glance I can see how my sales and profit did today, yesterday, past month, plus important indicators such as whether there are new sellers on my listings or low inventory levels.

Francisco is from Spain. He is a 7-figure seller. Francisco hosts a Youtube channel for spanish-speaking Amazon Sellers, and also runs an academy.

Awesome app for amazon sellers! It quickly shows us our profit margin which we were only able to guess on before. Saves us a lot of time by using the inventory tool to know how many we need to order in the future. Paulina and her team are awesome at answering any questions and they are continuously improving their app to be better. We've tried 2 other similar apps and hands down we think shopkeeper is much better as it is way more detailed and has more useful things that we need and is way easier to navigate through.

Vadim is from Italy. Vadim is a successful Amazon seller. He and his friend Mattia also host a Mastermind for italian-speaking Amazon Sellers.

I really like Shopkeeper. It's very easy to use, I can see without any effort how my company is doing. I quite enjoy the sound effect for every sale I get too! Any problems I have had (which are few) have been fixed extremely fast. I would definitely recommend Shopkeeper to any Amazon seller it is good value and well worth the money.

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